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special tractor 2018

The idea to build a tractor himself had Thomas Riedel as in his place a tractor meeting
took place in which self-erecting tractors were issued.
Inspired by this, he bought an old Mc Cormick F12g from a neighbor, this one was original
Year of construction 1930 and in a desolate condition.
The heart of the tractor was missing, the engine, and many other attachments.

That's how Thomas set to work in 2014 and started his search for a suitable one
Engine, here coincidentally a Junkers piston engine fell into the hands.
This was disassembled to the last screw and passed, he found his place in the newly constructed
Frame of the Mc Cormick.
The clutch and transmission also had to be regenerated and adapted to the new unit.

Furthermore, the tractor got new fenders, new electrics and a completely new cooling system.

Thomas Riedel has realized his tractordream and completed the restoration in 2016.

At first glance this tractor looks like a "normal" Mc Cormick, but the
Distinctive sound of the Junkers engine makes it a special eye-catcher!

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